Trial Watchers and Prayers Needed!


As the family prepares for trial this week, we would like to thank all of you for your support and love. Please keep Ty and Bryn's family and extended family in your prayers, especially Ty and Bryn. They have to testify and we know how extremely hard and scary this can be for them. We would love and appreciate all the love and support you have to offer, whether it is to be an in-person court watcher, send an uplifting note, or simply praying and fasting extra this week. We know that our prayers will be heard and we hope for the best outcome for this sweet family. So please take a moment and send a kid friendly note or card of encouragement to them this week. They could really use the reminder that the Flipper Fam and their Army are here for them and stand behind them every step of the way. 

Event information can be found here on Facebook and shown below.

PO BOX Address:

826 Expressway Lane PMB426, Spanish Fork, UT 84660 - You may address letters to Stella Jade, Jessica Zahrt, Aaron Zahrt, Ty Larson, and Bryn Larson.

Court Information Dec 11-15th

8:30 AM MST

137 N Freedom Blvd, STE 100, Provo, UT

Case #224402590 in Courtroom 6A