February 28th Press Release - Family Statement

Our hearts are heavy as we make this public statement. 

    We, the family of Ty and Brynlee Larson, want to speak out about the recent social media posts made by the children regarding the abuse that they have experienced. We believe all children should be heard and we support Ty and Brynlee's brave decision to share something so deeply personal with the world. 

   The clear and concise statements made by the children, thoroughly detailing the abuse they endured should be given the most weight. The children are motivated by their desire for safety.

    We are heartbroken that the children have been forced to endure such trauma, and we want to emphasize that children do not make such serious claims without reason. We believe the children and want their safety. We believe that all children should be believed. Their disclosures have been further confirmed by multiple DCSF investigations and were labeled as, "chronic and severe." We believe that Ty and Brynlee's story deserves to be heard and their disclosures weigh heavily on the hearts of those who love them. 

    It takes immense courage to speak out about abuse, and we are incredibly proud of the children for finding that strength within themselves and for encouraging those around the world with their bravery. These children are honest, kind and compassionate children who have remained solid and steadfast in their disclosures. They have been forced to endure a situation that no child should ever have to face. 

We want to make it clear that the claim of alienation is untrue.

    We believe in building healthy relationships by both parties coming to the table with a curiosity about the other side and genuinely wanting to have a healthy relationship rather than being forced. 

     We urge everyone to approach this matter with compassion and understanding. We ask that our privacy be respected during this difficult time, and we thank you for your support.

Ty and Brynlee Larson's Family